From Saturday 7 November, burning of garden refuse will be prohibited for the remainder of the Restricted Burning Period.

This means residents have until 11pm on Friday 6 November to burn garden refuse under the requirements of the Restricted Burning Period.

Extremely dry conditions have contributed to an increase in the re-ignition of fires and the threat to properties and our community.

Under the Bush Fires Act 1954, a Local Government can prohibit burning during the Restricted Burning Period (1 October to 30 November). This is the first time the Shire has implemented such a ban; it is deemed necessary as the safety of our community is paramount.


Firebreak and Fuel Load Notice

All firebreaks and fuel load requirements are to be in place by 1 November. The Shire’s ban will come into effect at 00.01am on Saturday 7 November.

We ask residents to exercise extreme caution if burning before this date, making sure each pile is fully extinguished with water.

All residents have free access to the Shire’s Waste Transfer Stations to dispose of green waste. We encourage residents to continue to minimise fuel loads using this method.


Keetch Byram Drought Index  (KBDI)

The KBDI is a numerical value reflecting the dryness of the top layer of soils, deep forest litter, logs and living vegetation. It is measured by the Bureau of Meteorology and represents the amount of rainfall (in millimetres) required to return the soil to saturation.

As of 27 October, the KBDI for the Shire was 90 points. It is expected by the end of next week the Shire will be at 100 points which is conducive to crown fires commencing. The KBDI for neighbouring areas is around 70 points.